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January 2007

Sparky Chew

Sparky Chew at 7months.jpg - 42999 Bytes

Two photos from Michael in Lurgan, Northern Ireland

23rd December 2006 - have a happy Christmas!

Fred and Barney

Fred has just turned two and Barney is only 8 Months
Fred loves nothing more than lounging on the sofa! and Barney loves to chase balls for hours on end.

Fred n Barney on beach.JPG - 21221 Bytes

fred n Barney on couch.JPG - 51140 Bytes

Three photos from Nic and Sandra of Pippins Chocolates, South Devon, UK

30th January 2006


Bonnie - Pippins Chocolates, UK

Bonnie and Sasha, 19wks

Bonnie and Sasha, 19wks - Pippins Chocolates, UK

Marley at 7weeks

Marley at 7 weeks - Pippins Chocolates, UK

from Giselle Tremblay in Ontario, Canada

Abbey in the Autumn leaves

4th January 2006

Giselle Tremblay abbey1.jpg - 23568 Bytes

from Amy McGuinness in Wiltshire, UK


31st October 2005

Scooby.jpg - 25616 Bytes

from Harald Hannak in Aachen, Germany

BUDDY and his girlfriend LISSY

October 2005

buddy_and_lissy.jpg - 44030 Bytes

from Elizabeth in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Scout (Forsythe Huntmor's La De Dah)

Scout is from the same litter as Forsythe's Saga (see above)
August 2005

Scout.jpg - 37906 Bytes

from Namcy in Methuen, Massachusetts, USA


November 2004

Rylee.jpg - 30399 Bytes

from John & Andrea, Cumming GA, near Atlanta, USA


Coco from Cumming GA (John & Andrea) .jpg - 44087 Bytes

Coco, McKenzie (the Westie), Mable (the cat)

Coco, McKenzie, Mable - John V.jpg - 27396 Bytes

Missy, from HarrietJo, Shrewsbury, UK

Missy, from HarrietJo, Shrewsbury,UK.jpg - 20202 Bytes

Riley - from Jenifer, in Canada (I think), the next 3 photos

Riley in Leaves.jpg - 15255 Bytes
Riley on  deck.jpg - 39254 Bytes
Riley sleeping.jpg - 22675 Bytes

Amber, from Liz in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

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More friends - I've lost their details

Missy - wearing a jumper

MISSY JUMPER.jpg - 29372 Bytes

Molly at Duridge Bay - North Yorkshire, England

MOLLY @ DURIDGE BAY 1.jpg - 41325 Bytes
MOLLY @ DURIDGE BAY_DUSK 2.jpg - 52633 Bytes