"Willow" - Astrochoc Centauri Star

Centauri Star has been named "Willow" and lives with an elderly Rodesian Ridgeback and a German Shepherd the same age as her, and her family in country Victoria. Click on the "read more" for the latest news...

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Final Report - February 2009

Hello Jill. Long time since we've contacted each other. We bought a puppy from you, who we called Willow. We loved her so dearly. Unfortunately she succumbed very quickly to a brain tumour called glioma. Only 3 weeks from diagnosis to death.  We were so sad. It would be about 2 1/2 years ago now.  We have bought a boy lab. (black) from Gunnerson labs at Mansfield. We call him Angus and we love him too.  However we do so much our dear Willow. 

Willow Report - January 2003

Happy New Year!

I have attached a few photos for you so you can see how she is getting on. Willow earns her keep by going down to the gate (unaccompanied) every morning to retrieve the morning paper. She has become a strong swimmer who lists riding in the back of the ute (safely secured of course) and cuddling her Mum as her favourite passtimes.

We think she enjoys being a country girl, don't you?

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A Note from Willow's owner (Jan 2002):

Hello Jill. You will recall that Willow is not keen on swimming - happy to wade but not so happy to actually swim. Well, I have actually got her swimming really well thanks to the bright idea given to me by a friend. Thread a cooked cocktail sausage onto the thin end of a stick.

The stick needs to be substantial enough to be seen out in the water and needs to have a thin twiggy end for sausage threading! I got her started by just throwing it into very shallow water until she worked out about getting the cocky off the stick. (her stick retrieving was well established before I tried this stunt) Then I just reloaded the stick and threw it a bit further out each time.

Now she'll go a long swim out to fetch the 'cocky stick'! By now you're no doubt wondering why I'm telling you all of this. Just thought it might be of interest for Coco. I don't know that it would work in salt water though. A mouth full of the briny may not help. I wish you could see Willow swimming in busily vacuuming the cocky off the stick before she gets back into shore where Kate my German Shepard might steal it.

So there you go Jill, the way to get Willow's water wings was via her stomach.! That's a labrador for you!!!