Coco's six pups were all named for first magnitude stars, seen from the Southern hemisphere.

Where the new owner had already picked a name (Nutmeg and Mmajc) it was incorporated into the registered name.

Astrochoc Centauri Star
Alpha Centauri is the brightest star in The Pointers.

Astrochoc Sirius Rose

Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, sometimes called the ‘Dog Star’.

Astrochoc Rigel Nutmeg

Rigel Kent is another name for one of The Pointers.

Astrochoc Vega Mmajc
Vega is a very bright star in out Northern sky.  It is the fifth brightest. In the movie
"Contact" this was where the signal from the ETs was coming from.

Astrochoc Betelguese Boy

Betelguese is the second brightest star in Orion

Astrochoc Barnard Boy
Barnard's star is in the same neighbourhood as our sun, and in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1979), novel by Douglas Adams, Barnard's Star is a way station for interstellar travellers.

"Willow" - Astrochoc Centauri Star

Centauri Star has been named "Willow" and lives with an elderly Rodesian Ridgeback and a German Shepherd the same age as her, and her family in country Victoria. Click on the "read more" for the latest news...

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"Rosie" - Astrochoc Sirius Rose

Siri Rose has gone to live with a black lab x golden retriever and her family in country Victoria.

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Astrochoc Rigel Nutmeg

Nutmeg lives with her family in the South Eastern surbs of Melbourne.

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"Chocolate" - Astrochoc Betelguese Boy

8 weeks

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 Betel is now called "Chocolate" and has gone to live with two yellow labradors, Gazza and Shelley, and their family in country Victoria - he has settled in well and is enjoying his new friends.

"Norbet" - Astrochoc Barnard Boy

Barny has been named "Norbet" and now lives in the South East suburbs of Melbourne. He has two human boys to play with.

At 8 weeks of age 5 months old
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Astrochoc Vega Mmajc

"Magic" has gone to live with Sabar, a black lab boy, and his family in country South Australia.

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