No more litters planned

Six Chocolate puppies arrived 8 February 2001

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Our Chocolate puppy planning (all in the past)

Mother's Pedigree (Coco) Father's Pedigree (Whitman)

Hampden Prested (aka Whitman) (not a very good photo)

Hip & Elbow & Eye assessments
Please note that even with these good elbow scores, this mating still produced 2 of 6 pups with OCD in their elbows.

Coco - Hips are 4,4 = 8, Elbows 0,0 Eye examination result is all clear
Whitman - Hips are 4,3 = 7, Elbows 0,0 Eye examination result is all clear

(Also note that I was working on the understanding that an individuals scores adding to less than 20 were ok - now I would recommend scores to less than 10, so 8 and 7 are ok, but not all that crash hot!)

Membership of Victorian Canine Association
Membership of Labrador Club

OCD found in pups of the first litter

So despite screening parents for defects, recessive traits in both parents have combined to produce Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) in the elbow joints of some of the litter. This problem has shown up when the pups are around 9 months of age.

More infomation about OCD in Labradors can be found here:

Coco Speyed Tuesday 27th November 2001